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Bar Mitzvah Lessons
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Creating a Pleasant Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training Experience
Bar Mitzvah Lessons
Convenient, easy and fun to learn
Provides a Jewish enriching experience
Based on true understanding of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Reasonable tuition and ceremony fees

Our Bar Mitzvah tutors which include the Rabbi and Cantor have been providing Bar/Bat Mitzvah training for many years. They are
trained to identify the most effective ways to teach each individual student according to his/her learning modality.
Private Bar Mitzvah lessons allow for constant monitoring of the student’s progress. Our teachers, Rabbi and Cantor have been
highly successful teaching students with certain learning challenges

Easy to Learn
Today’s students relate very well to information presented to them on a computer screen. They thrive on individualized attention in
the comfort of their own home environment. Virtual Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons make the learning process easy and effective.

The  student does not have to travel anywhere
for the Bar Mitzvah lessons or Bat Mitzvah lessons. Parents do not have to worry about transportation  and carpooling.

Judaically Enriching
Incorporated into the Bar Mitzvah lessons are Jewish
principals and values including the significance of becoming a Jewish adult as well as the relevance of being Jewish in modern times.

True Understanding of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration
A Bar/ Bat mitzvah celebration is the beginning of a journey into  Judaism. Our Bar Mitzvah preparation stimulates and
encourages students to continue their Jewish journey beyond the initial celebration.
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Rabbi David Degani
Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Rabbi David Degani    and    Cantor Lee Degani
That's us- off duty...
The time of Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is exciting for the
student as well as the family. It is very important, therefore, to
make the Bar Mitzvah preparation process pleasant and
meaningful. We are a Rabbi and a Cantor, highly experienced
teachers who provide Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons at home
anywhere in the world by the use of the latest, innovative on
line technology.
Our Bar Mitzvah lessons stress the meaning of the major
Jewish prayers, the customs and the Torah portion. They
adress their relevance to our modern time. Our Bar Mitzvah
reparation also incorporate Jewish spiritual teachings to help
teenagers cope
well in today's world.
Once the main themes of the different prayers and student's
Torah portion are discussed and understood during the Bar
Mitzvah Lessons, we then address the inner strength and the
strong moral compass which is drawn from these prayers.
During the Bar Mitzvah Lessons students learn how they can
make use of ideas expressed in the prayers and in their Torah
Our teaching method provides effective one-on-one Bar/Bat
Mitzvah training using your computer in the comfort of your
own home.
After completing our Bar Mitzvah Lessons, the  student  
conducts a meaningful and memorable ceremony along with
the Rabbi and Cantor. Understanding the meaning of the
prayers and the reason for reciting them makes the ceremony
that much more meaningful to the student.
Our Bar Mitzvah lessons along with a beautiful and spiritual
ceremony are affordable. Because every student learns
differently and at their own pace, we adjust the training
sessions according to individual needs.
We  work closely with the family on all aspects of the Bar
Mitzvah preparation, making sure that everyone is
comfortable with the process and  knows exactly what to
expect. We  carefully monitor the students' progress
throughout the Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation..